GW5042 Single-component Water-based Adhesive

  • 01Description

    GW5042 is a single-component water-based acrylic adhesive. As an environment-friendly adhesive without any organic solvent, GW5042 offer an harmless working environment, solve the pollution of waste gas compared with solvent based adhesive. GW5042 very su
  • 02Performance characteristics

    Environment-friendly, no pollution exhausted to environment. At the same time, the package laminated by GW5042A/B don’t have the harmful residual solvent.Without harmful solvent, GW5042A/B offer a better harmless working environment for worker,GW5042A/B very suitable the lamination between BOPP、PET、with VMCPP、VMPET.Wider adaptability for all kinds ink, cpp ink / PU ink / alcohol based ink, etc. Especially good performance for white ink lamination compared with solvent based adhesive.It complied with US FDA 21CFR177.1395.
  • Health norms

    Health norms

  • Product specifications

    Product specifications

    These properties are typical but do not constitute specifications.




    Main agent


    Milky-white liquid

    Solid Content(%)


    Viscosity (mPa.s25℃)




    Shelf life



  • Operating conditions

    Operating conditions

    ¨        Application Method                Direct gravure                               

    ¨        Application Cylinder               180-200 line                                

    ¨        Pot Life          Static           24 hours approximately                        

    ¨                        Dynamic         24 hours approximately                       

    ¨        Dry Coating Weight                1.5-2.0 gsm depending on structure               

    ¨        Drying Section Temperature          60-70℃ 70-80℃ 80-90℃(three section)                  

    ¨        Laminating Temperature             65-75℃                                

    ¨        Film surface tension                Printed Film over 38dyne, other film over 36dyne

    ¨        Cure Time                        5-9hours (45-55℃)                         

    ¨        Cleaning Solvent                   Ethyl Acetate                                  

  • Packing specifications

    Packing specifications

    Main agent is packed in Plastic drum ,

    Main agent is 25kg/drum.

  • Store


    Store in dry, well-ventilated area away from sun exposure and freezing area. Keep container tightly closed. Storage temperature is 5-35℃

    Refer to MSDS for more safety information

  • Special instructions

    Special Instructions

    These documents we provided are made on the basis of our recent knowledge and experience, all these terms we mentioned are only suitable in normal condition and could be used as references. Please test and affirm before formal production or contact with our technician to some especial structures of films and stuffs packed, we do not take on any legal duty for these documents.